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Climate Intelligence for Construction

AI-powered generation and distribution of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for building material manufacturers


Climate Intelligence for Construction

AI-powered generation and distribution of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for building material manufacturers

Automate your

We process natural language input from material lists (excel or text files), building models (ifc files or 3D models), or ERP software integrations.

Additionally, we auto-generate EPD report and background report.

Finally, we publish your data via API into established construction software tools.

Access emission data in one place

Emission data aggregated from 15+ different databases, manufacturer websites, sustainability reports, and directly received from manufacturers – over 120k emission factors all in one place including sources.

Our emission factor database will always be open access.

Integrate emissions into your software

You are a software developer and want to show emissions within your construction software product?

We match your input data with available emission databases and fill remaining gaps with smart estimates. All we need is a material description, quantity and unit.

how it works

We help you calculate and reduce building material emissions.

Construction material manufacturers face increasing customer and regulatory pressure to track, communicate and reduce the environmental impact of products.

Current processes to create and publish environmental product declarations are expensive, slow and not scalable.

With our pre-verified EPD software, we reduce cost and time for EPD generation by over 50%.


“Emidat delivered reliably and punctually. The team was very helpful and responsive.”

-Thorsten Hué, operations manager, UM Recycling GmbH (translated)

Why choose Emidat?

Save time and money through automation

Creating EPDs is a complex and time-consuming process, as it involves adhering to regulations and standards. However, with Emidat, this process is automated using AI technology, thus reducing the time spent on generating EPDs by up to 50%.

Third party verification within one week

For an EPD to be valid, it has to be verified by a third party. This is usually a tedious and costly process. Emidat collaborates with such third parties and provides a pre-verified software to ensure fast and affordable verification of your EPDs.

Automated data collection and distibution

At Emidat, we simplify data collection by integrating into your ERP system and reading out files. Moreover, we match this information with our database of over 120k emission factors – you can pick your preferred database.
If desired, we will also take care of publishing and promoting the data in software solutions like Procore, Thinkproject, etc.

Why investing in EPDs pays off for manufacturers

EPDs provide customers with the wanted transparency

An emerging trend shows that customers have an increasing interest in monitoring the environmental impact of their products and expecting manufacturers to provide this data.

EPDs help to comply with upcoming Regulations

Manufacturers face increasing regulatory requirements by governments and the EU, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and national emission caps for buildings, in order to reduce and track the environmental impact of products.

EPDs help to get an edge on your competition

A company publishing its EPDs is often seen as trusted; consequently, it attracts more potential customers compared to companies that do not provide EPD reports. This holds true even when the price of the service is higher compared to the competition without EPDs.

What leading manufacturers say about automating EPDs with software

“Schüco EPDs provide consistent data throughout the entire life cycle of building products. Now the company has automated the product certification process”

Knauf Insulation - We believe in making a difference

”Our new innovative process has reduced the time needed to process and publish an EPD to just 3 weeks.”

“Holcim Germany is the first company in Europe to offer product-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its entire cement portfolio – on demand and with a continuous process”

Our Partners


SIDOUN International has been an innovative manufacturer of AVA software for tendering, contracting and billing for over 45 years. As our first software partner, they use Emidat’s environmental AI to calculate emissions directly in their software.



Members of the Bundesverband Bausoftware e.V. are software companies as well as IT service providers representing the fields of architecture, civil engineering, specialist planning, construction, manufacturing and IT services. Emidat is a member of BVBS.


Eco Platform

ECO Platform’s goal is to establish an open international digital data network for building and construction LCA data.
Emidat uses eco-platform as a data source, builds data pipelines for eco-platform and feeds EPD data into it.


MWM and anouri

MWM and anouri have been developing software solutions with a focus on GAEB data exchange for the construction industry since 1991.
They are using Emidat’s environmental AI to
“price” partial services (items) in GAEB bills of quantities with the CO2 impact. These values are then available in the GAEB format for data exchange.

Website MWM; Website anouri


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