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Emidat EPD Tool

Automate, publish, distribute, and optimize your EPDs quickly and easily with our EPD Tool

What leading manufacturers say about automating EPDs

“Schüco EPDs provide consistent data throughout the entire life cycle of building products. Now the company has automated the product certification process.”


“Our new innovative process has reduced the time needed to process and publish an EPD to just 3 weeks.”


“Holcim Germany is the first company in Europe to offer product-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its entire cement portfolio – on demand and with a continuous process.”



Automate your EPDs with Emidat

How it works? We will:

  1. reduce manual data input by processing lists, CSV files, and data from ERP software integrations.
  2. auto-generate EPD and background report text based on our natural language model from over 100k EPDs.
  3. significantly speed up the verification and publication through pre-verified software (no 1-by-1 EPD verification!) and reduce costs (one license = unlimited EPDs).

Why investing in EPDs pays off for manufacturers

EPDs provide you and the customer with the transparency

An emerging trend shows that customers have an increasing interest in monitoring the environmental impact of their products and also expect manufacturers to provide this data. EPDs provide detailed insights into a product’s environmental impact, enabling companies to identify improvement areas and optimize their supply chain.

EPDs help to comply with upcoming construction product regulation

Manufacturers face increasing regulatory requirements by governments and the EU, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and national emission caps for buildings, in order to reduce and track the environmental impact of products.

EPDs help to get an edge on your competition

A company publishing its EPDs is often seen as trusted; consequently, it attracts more potential customers compared to companies that do not provide EPD reports. This holds true even when the price of the service is higher compared to the competition without EPDs.

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